June 2016 – Starting a Blog

Blog progress June 2016

Welcome to the very first Tastes Like Food periodic summary.

All blogging, food blogging and food photography are new to me. I just thought it could be a nice way to fill a small time gap between work, dances and… not much more at the moment. So here it is: Tastes Like Food 🙂 I have “started” the blog a couple of months ago, but I have been posting only 1 recipe every 3 weeks and doing nothing more about it. But it wasn’t until I bought the domain and the hosting at the end of May that I started moving forward with this blog. I wasn’t and still am not quite sure in which direction I want it to go.


When I first decided to create a blog, I browsed for a while trying to find a theme which I would like and enjoy, and finally, I found Social Chef from Themeforest. It wasn’t cheap (50$ !), but the feeling of “investment” was somehow motivating to do something about this blog. I chose this theme for few reasons:

  1. I loved its graphical search! That was probably the main reason I have decided on this theme. You can’t find this graphical search on Tastes Like Food yet. There are still too few recipes on the blog I feel, for the advanced search options to make sense. But I’m working on it and will definitely introduce it at some point.
  2. It supports multiple languages. As an expat coming from Poland and having lived previously for a couple of years in Asia, multiple languages sounded like a must. I thought at first about writing the recipes in both English and Polish. Now I am not quite sure what is the best. I have read, however, that blogs with recipes are among the most popular in Poland, which is not really strange in a country where people dine mainly at home and rarely in restaurants. However, for now everything on Tastes Like Food is only in English and let’s see whether it will stay that way.
  3. It is compatible with all or almost all the devices – desktops, tablets, mobiles. I find it quite important, as personally I also use my laptop for browsing the recipes and my mobile while I cook or bake.
  4. Social Chef is actually a theme for a recipe community website, not really a one-person blog. In the beginning I liked the idea and I was hoping that people would register and share their recipes, too. I have found out, however, that it would be even more difficult to reach out to people, considering that I am a blogging novice.

I have also installed a few plugins on my WordPress blog. Among them, the most important turned out to be Google Analytics, used by almost all the bloggers. It is quite exciting to see that someone from the other side of the world is reading your post. I love all the statistics it gives you, but haven’t explored all its options yet. It would be nice to create a report, I think it is possible but I still need to dig a little more into Google Analytics.

One of the reasons behind writing this monthly summary at the moment is to actually analyse where my visitors come from and which options for photo and recipe sharing are worth exploring. It is also a nice way to learn about my visitors, for example, where they come from or in the future what they would be searching for.

I have also installed the Yummly button (not a WordPress plugin, but a special HTML tag you add to the recipes) which allows readers to pin recipes on their Yummly profiles. I have started using it only recently, so at the end of the next month let’s see if it yielded nice results.



This month I have explored different websites where I could submit the recipes to in order to share them with others. It is when I have discovered that food blogging is inseparable with photography. That was quite a nice surprise, because it brought along another challenge and again something new to explore and to learn. I have found several websites which suggested not only the leading Foodgawker and Tastespotting, but also many alternatives.

The most helpful list was from Charlottes Lively Kitchen. Charlotte shared a detailed description of multiple websites. I have submitted my photos to almost all of them and I was really lucky to get a photo of the Vietnamese Beef Soup Bun Bo Nam Bo accepted to Foodporndaily and on the 29th of June a photo of Italian Beef And Cherry Tomato Casserole accepted to Foodgawker! Foodgawker always posts 8-9 pages of photos, twice per day. My photo ended up on the 8th page, so the number of visitors was not as high as for the recipes appearing on the first page, I believe. But I was still very happy that one photo was finally approved, after the entire month of trying!

Among all the referrals and social networks (Pinterest) I used, most of the visitors came from:

  1. Direct (71 users). I have noticed, that all the visitors from fridgg.com are under ‘’Direct’’.
  2. Foodporndaily (60 users)
  3. Yummly (56 users)
  4. Tasteologie (35 users)
  5. Foodgawker (22 users)
  6. Foodyub (9 users)
  7. Dishfolio (5 users)
  8. Foodfotogallery (5 users)
  9. Organic search (4 users)
  10. Healthy Aperture (4 users)

Thank you so much for visiting!

Among the most popular recipes were:

  1. Vietnamese Beef Soup Bun Bo Nam Bo (109 users)
  2. Italian Beef And Cherry Tomato Casserole (57 users)
  3. Japanese Ramen Soup (25 users)
  4. Mini Buttermilk Pancakes (11 users)
  5. Classic Chocolate Muss (11 users)



This month quite a few people have visited my site. There was, however, no one leaving a comment which is probably what I would like to change next. I have to admit, that I also haven’t left more than 2 comments on other blogs so far, so that sounds like a right thing to work on in July.

Apart from that, I would like to add something more to the site apart from the recipes. The monthly summaries sound like a plan.

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